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Forums are especially useful for continuous learning, mainly because you can ask questions. Since there are lots of webmasters posting in an active forum, you can expect to learn a lot. Some topics raised might be a future issue for your website, so reading about it can prevent such events from happening.

Sitepoint Forums
This is one of the best forums for anything that a webmaster needs. This forum is highly frequented by successful webmasters, who are always willing to contribute. I have always managed to resolve any issues through the use of this forum. Highly Recommended.

Webmaster World Forums
This site has an active forum with discussions on some issues that are important to a webmaster. Their topics deal with search engines, link exchanging, web development and others. Quite a good forum for a variety of topics for webmasters. Recommended.

Site Owners Forums
This forum has a websites section that allows you to post your website to be reviewed. The only condition is having to review another website first. Most of their discussions are not as active as, but still worth a look.

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