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Start your promotion and marketing education with our tutorial. We have made this tutorial very easy to understand even for internet newbies.

How Search Engines Work
All search engines have different algorithmns, however all search engines use about the same factors to determine the rank of searches. Some of the important factors include link popularity, title or meta tags and keyword density.

Link Popularity
It is now increasingly important for web developers to get incoming links to their site, partly because of the importance they placed to rank high in engines. Most search engines will take the number of links or even the quality of the links that point to you into consideration. Google even came out with the term pagerank to determine the link popularity of your site.

Title or Meta Tags
Title tag is important, since you will rank better if keywords are inside your title tag. It is therefore advisable to build a good title tag. Meta tags are not as important, since there were lots of meta tag spamming in the 1990s. These tags are still worth a little effort to build them.

Keyword Density
These are how often the words appear in your pages. It plays a part in determining how high your pages rank in the searches as well. However, sometimes, the overuse of this could be determined as spamming.

Anyway, these are just some of the factors involved. Different search engines use different algorithmns and there are lots of information about them. It is therefore advisable to participate in forums to keep you up with the times.

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